We recently partnered with the Destitution Project, a Bolton-based charity. They create a safe space for refugees and asylum seekers. In this welcoming environment, individuals can access friendship, food, and practical assistance.

You might not all be aware but we do more than teaching kids to ride bikes at NCA Academy. In fact, we actively participate in local community initiatives, like our collaboration with the Destitution Project. We supplied bikes to those lacking them in the group, offering a bike maintenance course as well. Our expertise was shared on how bikes can be looked after for the future. Throughout the five week program, we provided locks and helmets. We also organised an escorted bike ride.

Read more about our involvement and the work of the Destitution Project.

Photos courtesy of “On Your Bikes”

NCA Academy is committed to impacting lives in our local communities. We firmly believe that active involvement in community projects allows us to make a positive contribution to society. Our collaboration with the Destitution Project exemplifies our dedication to this goal.

At the heart of the On Your Bikes community project is the belief that everyone should have access to a bike, regardless of their circumstances. By providing bikes to refugees and asylum seekers, we were able to give them a sense of independence and freedom, allowing them to travel more easily and explore the local area. Our bike maintenance course also taught them valuable skills that they can use for years to come, helping them to save money and stay safe while cycling. The positive impact that this project had on the participants thirlled us. We look forward to continuing to work with the Destitution Project and other local charities to make a difference in our community.