Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford, visited Philips Park. He spent some time learning more about NCA’s plans for regenerating the park and the surrounding green space area.

Philips Park is a beloved green space area in Bury. The park has been a hub of community activity for generations. Recently, Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford, visited the park to learn more about NCA’s plans to regenerate the area and bring it into the 21st century.

NCA’s plans include the restoration of the stable buildings to create a state-of-the-art visitor and trail centre. This centre will offer a bike hire scheme. Additionally, it will have an onsite cycle mechanic to keep bikes in top condition. The building will also house meeting and training rooms, providing an educational facility for cycle training and coaching qualifications. It will also serve as a venue for other community groups to use for their events.

The regeneration plans don’t just stop at the building. NCA is committed to making full use of the site, providing a community venue that’s accessible to all within Bury and beyond. The plans include a café that will offer refreshments for visitors. There will also be a pop-up restaurant arrangement for events.

NCA’s regeneration plans for Philips Park will create a modern, sustainable and accessible space for the community to enjoy. The project will not only preserve the historic stable buildings but will also create a valuable educational and recreational resource for cyclists and other community groups.

Regenerating Philips Park will provide a range of benefits to the local community. These benefits include improved access to green space, increased opportunities for outdoor recreation. Additionally, there will be enhanced educational and training facilities. NCA’s plans are an exciting step forward for this important community space and will bring benefits to generations of park visitors to come.

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