Mountain biking

For beginners

The basic mountain bike training course for beginners will introduce you to basic techniques. These are required in off-road and single-track mountain biking. Riders will be equipped with skills. These skills will enable them to successfully ride many permissible natural, purpose-built mountain bike trails across the UK.

Suitable for adults 16+

The program will develop the rider’s ability, confidence and will also introduce and reinforce safety awareness. Learn the essential skills for tackling common mountain biking trail features and beginner cycling training.

Our beginner’s mountain bike training course will give you the skills to make yourself ready at all times to tackle the trail ahead of you. From positioning yourself correctly on the bike to absorb obstacles and promote freedom of movement, to maintaining your momentum, learning how to stay in control with the confidence to start tackling more technical features.

While you’re here learning about mountain bike training for beginners and embarking on beginner cycling training, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore our tailored family mountain bike course as well. It is the perfect choice for a fun and adventurous way to spend time with your family.

Skills itinerary

Bike Inspection and Setup​ – Our mountain bike instructors will guide you through a thorough bike check, ensuring your components are in optimal condition for a safe and enjoyable ride. You’ll learn how to set up the seat height, adjust tyre pressures and check the brakes to maintain peak performance.

Gear Shifting Techniques – Gain an understanding of how to use your gears effectively in various terrains. We’ll provide insights on selecting the right gear ratio to optimise your pedalling efficiency and control on the trails.

Braking control – Master the art of proper braking techniques while navigating through challenging terrains. Our instructors will teach you how to modulate your brakes for optimal control and stability, ensuring a safe and controlled descent.

Body position – Learn the correct techniques for descending and climbing on your mountain bike. Discover how to position your body to maintain balance, stability and control while tackling different trail features.​

Weight shift – Develop the skill of shifting your body weight effectively to allow your bike to move freely and manoeuvre with ease. Proper weight distribution is crucial for maintaining control and navigating tight corners or obstacles.

Slow speed control – Gain confidence in controlling your bike at low speeds, which is essential for navigating technical sections and tricky situations. You’ll learn techniques to maintain balance, execute tight turns and conquer challenging trail features.

Front wheel lift – Master the skill of lifting the front wheel over small obstacles like rocks or logs on the trails. Our instructors will guide you through the proper technique to smoothly navigate these features and maintain your momentum.

Embark on a Thrilling Off-Road Adventure with Our Beginner’s Mountain Bike Training Course

By participating in our beginner’s mountain bike training course, you’ll develop the necessary skills, confidence and safety awareness to tackle a wide range of natural and purpose-built mountain bike trails across the UK. From bike check and setup to mastering trail-specific skills, our comprehensive training will prepare you for a thrilling off-road biking experience.

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