Cycle 2 Health actively enhances people’s well-being by promoting cycling. In collaboration with the BEATs referral program, we provide a 10-week cycling initiative. It caters to low-risk clients seeking enhanced physical activity. Our program features bike fittings, fundamental cycle skills training, organised rides, and informative advice sessions. Additionally, clients have the option to acquire premium refurbished bicycles. Explore the advantages of Cycle 2 Health for a healthier lifestyle.

What is it?

Cycle 2 Health actively promotes health through cycling. The BEATs program refers clients to our initiative, promoting physical activity by advocating bicycle use for transportation or leisure.

Cycle 2 Health

Who is Cycle 2 Health for?

Cycle 2 Health targets BEATs referral program clients, specifically those classified as low risk. The program actively enhances health through consistent physical activity.

Where can I access it?

Cycle 2 Health is accessible through the BEATs team based at Radcliffe Health Centre. Here you can be referred to the programme.

How long does it last?

You will receive a referral from the BEATs ERO to attend the Cycle 2 Health programme, which lasts for 10 weeks.

  • Week 1 Introduction: Introduction to the staff from the Nationwide Cycle Academy (NCA) staff will introduce themselves to you at Outwood Country Park in Radcliffe
  • You will receive your bicycle, which you will keep for ten weeks;
  • You’ll receive a helmet, lock, and lights;
  • You will be able to test (ride) your bike, have it fitted to your height and cover some basic cycle skills;
  • You might want / or need additional instruction, which can be provided by NCA;
  • You will be required to complete your daily activity diary supplied by the BEATs ERO;
  • You will be able to join in with other new members;
  • You will receive 2 (you can participate in two organised rides and advice sessions with NCA staff, arranged for ¬†week 5 and week 9);
  • Bicycles are required to be returned at week 10;
  • Upon successful completion of the 10-week programme, you will receive a ¬£50 voucher to purchase high quality, refurbished bicycles from NCA.

Do I need special clothing or equipment?

You will not need any special clothing or equipment. A helmet will be provided for you to keep.

Will it cost me anything?

There is no cost but you will need to participate regularly to increase your activity levels.

What happens after the 10 weeks?

After the 10 weeks, you will be able to purchase a bicycle and join a social riding group to ride in a safe environment with friends.

Find out more here about the BEATS programme.

Contact NCA Academy with any enquiries on 0161 796 6221 or email