At NCA, we take immense pride in our participation in a trial scheme to engage more women and girls in cycling.

The MAD (Mums, Aunties & Daughters) Bike Club, funded by TfGM, was a free project. It spanned eight weekends in February and March and included the provision of a new fleet of Carrera hybrid bikes. Among these, two were electric models.

Females of all ages and cycling abilities were warmly welcomed at our base in Philips Park, Whitefield. The sessions catered to beginners with a Learn to Ride program. Additionally, we imparted essential bike maintenance and navigation skills for the area’s numerous cycle tracks.

In our intermediate-level course, participants engaged in exciting relay races and time trials. They also tackled challenging trails like the Forestry Commission’s blue trails in Waterdale Meadow. Those who successfully completed our most demanding off-road courses to Clifton Marina and Philips Park’s Blue & Red mountain bike trails on the final weekend earned a prestigious Gold award. These skills are a testament to the quality of our Accredited Training Courses at NCA Academy

Celebrating success

The MAD about cycling events concluded with a spectacular awards ceremony. Dr. Catherine Preston, a local Radcliffe councillor and cycling advocate, graced the occasion. Dr. Preston expressed great admiration for the MAD Bike Club: “Cycling is brilliant for you. It gets your heart pumping and works muscles you never knew you had. There’s a low impact on your joints and it’s perfect for anyone who struggles with their knees. It’s a great way to keep fit and get yourself from A to B.”

Bury is fortunate to have exceptional cycling tracks, notably the National Cycle Network Route 6. This route extends from Watford to Windermere.

For more female-friendly bike rides in Bury, I Will If You Will is a local group that arranges regular cycling sessions throughout the town, as well as other activities designed to keep you fit.

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