Find And Fix Maintenance Sessions

Discover the art of bicycle care with our ‘Find and Fix’ basic bike maintenance course. Interested in becoming a skilled cyclist? Explore our comprehensive cycle mechanic course for an in-depth understanding of bike mechanics. Our expertly crafted sessions equip participants with essential skills to ensure their bikes stay road-worthy.

At NCA Academy, we take pride in offering an immersive experience that goes beyond routine maintenance. Our expertly-crafted sessions go beneath the surface. Course participants are provided with an in-depth understanding of their bicycles. It’s more than just fixing your bike. You will be empowered with essential skills to ensure your bike not only stays road-worthy but performs at its peak.

Learn expert bike maintenance through our specially designed sessions that give you the basics. Our courses are not just about quick fixes; they’re a deep-dive to cover all aspects of your bicycle’s functionality, allowing you to understand its mechanics and develop a profound connection with your bike.

NCA Academy basic cycle maintenance courses

Hands-on bike sessions

In our practical basic cycle mechanic course, you aren’t just a passive observer. Participants are active in the care and maintenance of their bicycles. Bring your own bike or request one from us. We provide all the necessary tools, work stands and parts required for a hands-on learning experience.

Learn bicycle mechanics to understand the intricacies of each component. Our course empowers you to gain confidence and skills to make minor adjustments on your bike. It’s more than just learning; it’s about building a practical skill set that transforms you into a self-sufficient cyclist. Take the next step in your cycling journey with our cycle mechanic course, where hands-on learning is key. We believe in providing a comprehensive understanding that goes beyond the surface-level fixes. Our course enables you to tackle any road-side challenge with confidence and expertise.

Embark on this journey with NCA Academy, where every session is an opportunity to enhance your relationship with your bike. Join us in the art of bicycle care in a friendly supportive atmosphere. Let’s keep your ride not just road-worthy but in its optimal condition.

The 3-hour course will cover how to:

Keep your bike in tip-top condition with our basic bike maintenance course

At NCA Academy, we prioritise regular bicycle maintenance for a smooth and safe riding experience. Our Basic Bike Maintenance Course is meticulously designed for both beginners and cycling enthusiasts. Gain insights into the fundamentals of maintenance and valuable tips to keep your bicycle in optimal condition.

Equip yourself for effortless bike maintenance

Join our bike course and pedal with confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our seasoned tutors will guide you through an enjoyable and informative learning experience.

Book your spot now and enhance Your cycling journey!

Safety is our priority. COVID Risk Assessments are in place and facilities adhere to government guidelines. Shared equipment undergoes thorough cleaning and hand sanitisers are provided at all events.

Discover the joy of cycling with a well-maintained bike. Contact us to enquire about our cycle maintenance courses and embark on a journey of enhanced cycling knowledge and skill!

  • Identifying bike parts.
  • Understanding the function of each component.
  • Performing a cycle check (using the M or A B C method).
  • Making simple adjustments without requiring tools.
  • Knowing which tools to carry for basic bicycle maintenance.
  • Making precise adjustments to brakes and gears.
  • Inspecting the chain and ensuring the right positions for saddle/seat post and headset/handlebars.
  • Learning puncture repair, including wheel removal.
  • Understanding legal requirements for lights, reflectors, etc.
  • Outfitting a cycle with essential components like mudguards.
  • Performing emergency repairs and knowing when to seek assistance from a qualified mechanic.

All tools required for the course are provided. We recommend participants wear old clothes for each hands on session. Courses are organised into small groups of six participants, guided by experienced tutors who are cyclists and mechanics.

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