Cancellations Policy

Spring, Summer and Autumn Cycle Camps


Our Cycle Camps will operate despite poor weather on the day. In the event of inclement weather, children will participate in indoor activities until such time as the groups can go outside. We may take the children outdoors in light rain or wind, subject to our health and safety risk assessments. Please provide a change of clothing and waterproofs as it is inevitable that your child may become wet or muddy. If bad weather does prevent the cycle camp from taking place, ie snow or gales, we do not offer refunds but will reschedule the session at no further cost to parents.

Illness and absence

We recognise that on occasion, your child may be poorly on the day or week you have booked. Or maybe your work situation has changed. We cannot offer a refund because the places allocated for the day relate to our staffing ratio and there is also a cost to us for our booking and payment platform. However, we will rebook your child in as soon as they have recovered or are able to attend. There is no time limit to re-book and it can be across any of our camps throughout the year. You can also use the place for a sibling/friend if you wish.

Please contact our office or member of staff to let us know if you are unable to attend, either the day before the camp or on the morning before the day commences.

Early and late drop offs

We recognise that on occasion, you maybe late arriving at the camp or late collecting your child due to unforeseen circumstances, which are out of your control. Please contact our office as soon as possible to let our staff know, then we can inform your child of why there is a delay. Late collections can lead to child being upset which we want to prevent.

(There is a charge of £5 for a late collection after 30 minutes, after all our staff have homes to go to as well!)

Our camps have set start and finish times, please do not bring your child earlier than the stated time on your booking information. Our staff will be preparing the day’s activities and may not be available to look after your child on a one to one basis.

Bullying policy

We believe that all participants have the right to enjoy the camp in a safe, caring environment without the fear of being bullied. Whilst recognising that all institutions, whether large or small, have the potential for some bullying behaviour, we feel that a clearly laid down system for discipline can minimise its occurrence. At NCA-NW, we endeavour to promote good citizenship and make it clear that bullying is anti-social and contrary to our ethos. It is wrong and will not be tolerated. We feel that it is important for children and parents / guardians to know that any bullying complaints will be dealt with firmly, fairly and promptly. Our full cancellations policy is available upon request